Qualifying for the premier skill league is turning out to be a lot harder than it first appeared. I only managed one game yesterday. I made the top 1000 but then when trying to chip up before a meeting I ran TT into AA. This gave me a total of 3 points for the day.

I had been floating around the 800-1000 place mark for a couple of days but when I woke this morning I was down to 2667th. Thats one heck of a change in 24 hours considering I didnt lose any points! Hoping something funny has happened with the points system!

Hoping to play 3-4 games today and crack the 1800 point mark.  Apart from that I will just be grinding my bonuses on other sites (wont mention by name) and thinking of my future plans of attack.

As always any hints/tips are appreciated and good luck on the tables!