Even longer since last post I could have called this (see last post) since I haven't blogged much this year.

Bankroll is looking good after a few dodgy months. Got platinum for first time in November lost a lot of my bankroll getting it.

Watched most of felix's grinding it up videos and have started to win again. Up $335 this month before bonuses. Got $75 for cashing in 6250 FPPs last week, $50 for reaching 30,000 yearly VPPs yesterday and the big one. Got dealt into milestone hand at 10NL deepstack for $545. Nice to get very lucky for 2nd time had milestone in 100 Billion hands promo before.

With some shots at sunday storm with the bankroll coop guys. http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?44292-Bankroll-Co-op.&page=58

Last week I played sunday storm for the guys in 1 million guaranteed special. We split the entry fee 6 ways and I min cashed for $30. As the horse for the week I was allowed to keep 50%. Good fun. Guys from the group railing me and chatting on skype. Well worth getting involved in. Leave a message in forum or contact chillipops for entry into the group.

All together started december with about $100 after losing in november. Currently on $1120. Been amazing end of the year so I should set myself some goals for 2014.

I think supernova is going to be hard need 3 times what I've got this year but I can start the year on higher stakes than this year so may be possible. Not going to worry if I dont more of a bonus if I do.

Money wise I'd like to be on $10,000 bankroll and playing 100NL. Obviously I'd like to win more but knowing all the ups and downs that I've experienced over the years on poker going to set myself an attainable one when it comes to the money. Although its only recently I have become anything like a winning player and I find sticking to BRM hard. So the main goal should really be to stick to my BRM for the year.

Going to try to play sunday storm most weeks and maybe some big/bigger $11 but my main focus will still be on cash and taking small shots at tourneys. Maybe if bankroll keeps improving have a shot at red spade open for $55 or something like that for fun. Not gonna try for satteliting into sunday million as I would probably spend a lot of money and time trying to get in. And the reward for min cashing which is all I could probably hope for is not that great. Not unless I seriously improve my tourney play which isn't really my game. Which isn't to say that if its the week of my birthday and I already have 10K I might not have a go for fun (Its in June btw).

Training wise gonna wing it. Just watching training for the sake of it seems a bit pointless but it may stop me from falling into some bad habits. Generally atm I watch training videos when things are going wrong. So I will think more about how much training I want to be doing and when.

Anyway merry xmas to all and good luck on the tables and in all your goals.

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