After a huge tilty period finally got back on track with my bankroll now up to $466. After watching gareth's session on Sunday have been on a winning streak all week. Looking at my graphs have finally got to my highest since I deposited in September in both winnings and big blinds.

Am worried about my bankroll strategy. Have been following felix's shot taking strategy with 40 buy ins as the target. So I reached $300 and I gave myself a 10 buyin shot at 10NL. which I nearly blew which would have left me at 40 buyins for 5NL back at $200. Fortunately I didn't blow it but has left me concerned about the strategy. I have been up and down the levels for months now and it doesn't seem to do my confidence any good.

According to my current strategy I could take a 4 buyin shot at 16NL. But I've only been playing 10NL for 4 days and don't feel comfortable there yet. So will keep on at 10NL for a while.