Playing 6max zoom 5NL.

UTG Unknown stats of 100/0 after 2 hands makes a 4X raise.

SB calls stats of 33/25 AF 1.5 after 53 hands.

I like to take on 100% VPIPs even when I have just a couple of hands. Mistake 1. So I call with AQo in the BB.

I like the flop. QJ4 all clubs so I have TPTK with nut flush draw. Immediately decide to check raise the unknown who I have no idea what he has. Mistake 2.

I check UTG makes a solid Cbet.

SB calls. Uh oh. As Dave often says alarm bells should be ringing by now. Can't both have K high flush draws. One of them at least must have a made hand. Not thinking about this I go ahead with my plan anyway and make a huge raise. Mistake 3.

UTG shoves all in SB calls and I have to call $3.15 into a pot of about $12 to continue. Now I'm not sure how to calculate pot odds so I make a guess. The pot will be $15 as I had $5 to start the hand. $3.15 is about 20% of the total pot and I have some idea that making a flush against another flush is about 20%. Not having a clue what to do or how to work it out I will call mistake 4.

So I do what all donks do and call off anyway not really sure whether it is the right thing to do but pretty damn sure I'm behind. Mistake 5. Probably anyway.

I'm off to watch some videos on how to calculate pot odds and thank the poker gods that I won the hand. I do suckout just as often as everyone else I guess.

According to HM2 my equity was 24.1%. And it could have been worse. Off to see if that was good enough.