Got carried away with how well I was doing started chasing a lot more draws. Went from $90 up since last post to $145 up then down to $50 up in the challenge. Anyway watched felix's live training where he showed 3 or 4 of my bad hands and have stopped calling 3 bets with mediocre hands. Out of sheer embarassment at the bad plays I was making more than anything else.

Since then have moved back up to $120 up and together with a $50 stellar reward have got my bankroll to $258.63. Lost a far bit on tourneys epecially chasing a rebuy sattelite to the sunday million. But then I see the stellar rewards as a shot taking thing anyway. Haven't used all of it yet.

Started my first month in the premier league. Have played 3 tourneys so far. Keep missing the start times due to paying attention to my cash game grind but have made an OK start. First tourney was bad, losing some points, but picked up nearly 50 points in my second one today finishing 35th out of 552. 3rd one was not so good finishing 68th out of 236 tonight. Anyway, getting better results at this stage than I could have expected. Currently in 227th before the 3rd tourneys results are in, hope to keep my place in the premier league for next month.