More than doubled my bankroll in the time the challenge has been on. Won about $15 on tournaments mostly hyper turbos. Played most of the WCOOPradio tourneys with a 2nd 8th and 12th finishes. Got a free shirt in one of their competitions. Worth checking out the radio shows really funny.

On the grind been up and down started at 2NL and was up $20 after a day but lost all the profit the next day on 5NL. Was down about $18 tilting on 2NL before recovering slowly to get back to $20 up a week later. The next shot at 5NL went better and I am currently $90 up in the challenge.

Total bankroll is now $203.15. Stuck to my bankroll limits rigidly and am pleased with how things are going at the moment. Poker is fun when things are going well I suppose.