Been a while since I posted. Blew my bankroll a few times. Been playing a lot of freerolls to keep me going. The main problem has been getting annoyed with losing a couple of stacks and jumping on higher limits to get it back.

Today discovered the responsible gaming options which let you set a maximum limit to play. This should stop me from jumping on the higher limits in frustration.

On a brighter note reached my first final table in the PSO open league freeroll today. Came 6th. Also been playing the PSO premier league qualifiers. Have had a 1st and a 2nd so far this month more than paying for the tourneys I've played. Currently about 20th in the qualifier league with probably enough points to get in the premier league going on previous months tables. About 500th in the open standings. Need more points to stay in a qualifying position though, but I don't need to qualify twice!

Deposited enough to take part in the 2nd 6max vs fullring challenge. Looking forward to it. In the rules that that you have to stick to their BRM guidelines so I shouldn't mess it up. Hopefully do better this time. Got a whole month so should see whether I really have improved since the first one.