Day 101 end total $1004.94
Day 110 end total $1409.82

Finding the opposition weaker on the zoom tables than ordinary tables. So playing quite a bit of zoom. Also played some tourneys. 16th out of about 450 on a $4.40 1000 cap tourney was my best result for a while. Also came 102nd out of over 5000 on the big $5.50. Encouragingly I was on a big stack both times with a chance of going further. Not my usual limping into min cash and holding on.
Played badly in a couple of PSO series events. Was out early in a sattelite and lucked my way to 9th place in a $3.30. Didn't have the patience needed in those tourneys.
Saw felix on the 50NL zoom today. Hope he has some tips for us on wednesday. Not feeling that confident in my play at the moment.