Day 97 end total $688.20
Day 100 end total $1000.15

Tilting onto higher stakes has got me close to getting goldstar this month.Although I'm mainly playing 25NL zoom 6max at the moment, still spending some time on 50NL when I lose a couple of stacks. I think I would be getting gold anyway this month but I'm less than 700 points away and only halfway through the month.
My play seems to be improving, losing less stacks lightly. Either that or I'm running into more players that will stack off lighter than me. Had quad 3s on 543Q3 board,reraised all in on river and got called by 77 was one example.
Anyway reached $1000 today and decided to call it a night. Need a couple of hundred more before I can start to take shots at 50NL. Hopefully I can stay off those stakes before then.