Day 78 end total $194.10 +$158.53T$
Day 96 end total $753.44 after $250 cashout

Although the bankroll looks better I have been on too high stakes again. I won but I need to somehow stick to my BRM. Did well on cowboy's FPP challenge boosting balance by about $200 playing FPP sats to the sunday storm then converting T$ to cash in a mixture of time tournaments, heads up SNGs, fifty- fifties, and a $69 cash in the big $11.
Overall I'd say my play has been quite poor. Making a lot of mistakes in cash games then getting frustrated and playing higher stakes where I've made slightly less mistakes. Been playing 16NL 6-max, where there don't seem to be many tables compared to the lower stakes and I'm getting thrashed by the regs. Oh well at least I got lucky on tilt for a change.