Day 73 end total $232.93 + $27.28T$
Day 74 end total $162.36 + $27.28T$
Day 75 end total $191.43 + $25.08T$
Day 76 end total $186.43 + $123.08T$
Day 77 end total $192.57 + $141.36T$

Had horrendous day (74) on 5NL 6max zoom losing $70. Got some of if back the next day then played the PSO warm up sub sattelite. Got nowhere in that. Decided to play the PSO warm up sattelite anyway on Saturday and managed to get a $109 ticket. Sadly couldn't play the main event on my bankroll but it was a big boost. Got lucky in that one had K5o in BB with less than 1 BB left over. UTG limped the SB was forced all in, flopped a K and was forced allin by UTG when I checked. Fortunately UTG had QJ no pair no draw and I beat the SB as well even though he turned 2 pair, the river paired the board and my two pair was the winner. So many players with less than a BB left that I was able to comfortably fold to my ticket about 4 hands later. Very tense stuff.
Also playing the 210 FPP sunday storm sattelites recommended in the challenges forum and got 3 tickets from 5 played up to yesterday (4 from 8 as I write this) so even more T$. At this rate I'm going to have more T$ than actual dollars, so I am going to work out what the best way is to convert them. I quite like the 50-50s, played 1 and nearly doubled my money. Seem to be pretty low variance.
So all in all OK, just frustrating that I'm doing so bad in cash games at the moment.