Day 67 end total $232.78
Day 68 end total $215.95
Day 69 end total $215.95
Day 70 end total $224.76
Day 71 end total $221.81
Day 72 end total $232.93 + $16.28T$

Had first day off from playing on pokerstars in over 2 months (cleared part of bonus on other site). Not getting very far with cash games so decided to play some tourney sats to SCOOP for a change. Got an $8.80 ticket from a round 1 sat to start with. Thought I had qualified for the actual event but hadn't read the lobby properly. It was a $0.50 rebuy and it cost me about $5 but at least I got there. Today qualified twice for $11 event used the T$ to play a sattelite for the $27 event I actually wanted to play. As I usually play 6 max went for SCOOP event 30-L. Figured to be my best chance. 
Got an early knockout with 22. Raised from MP got called by loose player in BB. CBet the flop, BB called. No 2 so checked the turn. 2 on the river. The BB bet big so I shoved and he called with K10 top pair 10s. So got $13 for the knockout. Later had AJs on the button raised got called by SB and then very loose aggressive player shoved in BB. Pretty easy for me to shove and force SB to fold. BB showed A3o flopped a 3 and I was crippled. Soon after shoved 9 BB stack with A9o probably too loose as got called by same guy with ATo so I was out. Had fun. Almost forgotten how exciting big tourneys are. Been a long time since the micromillions.
So a bit of excitement after worrying about how badly I've been doing. Had a great win rate in the sattelites. 4 tickets from maybe 10 played probably less. Got very lucky though so I don't think I'll be giving up playing cash games just yet. The PSO sattelite strategy lessons have been invaluable though.