Day 61 end total $190.83
Day 62 end total $195.63
Day 63 end total $212.71
Day 64 end total $212.87
Day 65 end total $216.01
Day 66 end total $222.36

Not played much on PS lately. Been trying to get first part of bonus released on another site. Fortunately been winning at 2NL full ring on that site. Bit of a culture shock after months of playing 6max. Seems to have helped me in 6max too. Been steadily winning after lost $12 on day 61.
Played a couple of tourneys on PSO home games. Got a good run of cards and won HU yesterday then came 7th out of 7 today.
Been wonderin what to do with the points I've got (3500 FPP). So many things you can do with them, I will keep on collecting till I decide.