Day 56 end total $262.07
Day 57 end total $295.77

Lost $72 on day 56. Played bad after making good start to day. Wasn't even due to bad luck as ran above EV for the day. Played better yesterday and made some of it back.
Going to watch felix again tonight. Hopefully pick up some tips. The member review he's doing is at 10NL same level that I'm playing. Need to work on my game and I find watching live training helps me spot things I'm doing wrong. At least it stops me just clicking buttons which can be what it feels like at times.
Stopped playing one table today after laggy player who had position on me kept beating me. One thing that I picked up from felix's last session was not to keep trying to beat loose players OOP. I made some adjustments to the villain but I was still losing (just not as much) so gave up fairly quickly.