Day 51 end total $270.76
Day 52 end total $275.16
Day 53 end total $273.54
Day 54 end total $280.49
Day 55 end total $334.65

Thought I was going to have to drop back down to 5NL on Day 51. Was down to about $220 before bouncing back to make money on the day. Maintained silver star status. Then got 3rd stellar reward yesterday(54). So although my balance went up I lost a little on the days grind. Finally had a good day today running to EV.
So it looks like I will have the bankroll to continue at 10NL for a while. Which is encouraging since my first shot at 5NL didn't go well. Was not looking forward to saying that my shot had failed again. After last months loss in the challenge was starting to think I wouldn't become a winning player any time soon. But I'm making progress at last. 
PokerTracker seems to be very helpful. I've made over $100 on 6max cash games since installing it 11 days ago. More than enough to pay for it when the trial ends. I like looking at graphs of how I'm doing when I take a break from playing. I'm glad to see that I have been making less mistakes lately.