Day 43 end total $205.82
Day 44 end total $214.29
Day 45 end total $229.14
Day 46 end total $236.16
Day 47 end total $241.81

Downloaded PokerTracker on a free trial the other day. Happened to be the same day Dave was talking about stats analysis so have spent more time looking at stats than playing. Fortunately as I starting saving my hand histories around the time of the 6max vs fullring challenge I have 40k hands to use. As I thought I do much better on ordinary tables than zoom. So immediately I stopped playing zoom. Been trying to extract more value from my hands by not cbetting as much against aggressive players when I have something I would like to get to showdown. Seems to be working, often getting 2 or 3 streets of value just by check calling. Also winning a higher percentage of showdowns.
Definite signs of improvement after realising that the stats said I wasn't playing nearly as well as I thought I was. Still got lots more leaks to work on though worryingly. Hopefully my stats will look a lot better for the next 40K hands. Actually got the bankroll target for a shot at 10NL now but not feeling confident so will stick at 5NL for a while until I sort out some things.