Day 37 end total $179.35
Day 38 end total $180.36
Day 39 end total $192.93
Day 40 end total $189.41
Day 41 end total $226.71
Day 42 end total $200.04

Frustrating day today after good day yesterday. Came back yesterday after a week away not playing much. Won the full ring vs 6 max $50 added tourney which I didn't know was on until the tourney popped up while I was playing zoom. Got a good start then everyone was sitting out on my table so was able to build up a big chip lead by the time it went to 1 table (14 entrants). Won 1 big hand with about 5 left AA vs KK. Lost a few chips but was still in OK position by the time it got down to 2. Managed to get on level terms then got all in with 55 vs A8o, flopped a 5 and won $25.
That put me over the $200 mark. Was hoping to get to $240 for a shot at 10NL today got close but then went on a losing run all afternoon. Later got all in AA vs KK for over $12, he flopped a K and I decided to call it a day shortly after that. Hopefully today was just a bad day don't think I did too much differently. More 5NL zoom 6max tomorrow.