Day 28 end total $165.68 + $4.80 T$

Took it easy again today. A little bit of ordinary 5NL. Won about $2. Played a couple of tourneys with my T$. Finished nowhere in turbo $0.10. Finished 79th out of >5000 in $1+0.10 4K gtd. Won $7. Pretty pleased with how I played. Built up a big stack (was about 10th with 250 left). But was undone in about 3 big pots. Finally went all in with TT against KK. Probably could have waited for a better spot (Had 25BB - half what I had at one stage). He hit a K and I was out. Still waiting for first final table in a big field MTT on pokerstars. Been running quite deep lately but just running out of skill.