Day 27 end $155.75 + $6 T$
Days 21 -26
Played awful during the challenge. Played 2NL ordinary and zoom all week was about $30 down at one point. Finished the challenge $2.75 down.
Day 27
Didnt play any cash games today. The challenge was over. Played 2 tourneys. Played the PSO Micromillions compensation tourney. 37 Players 18 $22tickets. Figured I needed to win 1 big hand and fold from there. MP raised, folded to me in the BB went all in with AQ they had AK and it was over. Also played the Micromillions freeroll as I had played 5 of the tourneys. Was running really good. Highest pair in 2 hours was 99 but I won a lot of flips and finished 419 out of 26750. Won $15.50. So although I had a bad week still finished up. Learned a lot, had a lot of fun.