Day 13 end total $115.41 + $2.13 T$

Didn't play any cash games today. Played a few cash and FPP sats to the micromillions. Won tickets from round 1 to round 4 to the main event starting with 10FPP. Hopefully I can get the ticket to the main event next week.
Also came 4th in one cash sat needing 3rd for a ticket ($5.50) but got $3.30 cash instead. Won some smaller sats to Event 33 and played in it coming nowhere.
Played event 34 and just made the cash along with 3 knockouts making $9.50 for $5.50 buy in. My first cash in the micromillions events. Always a struggle playing with about half the average stack. Decided in the end to just fold my way to the cash when it was obvious I could do so and leave myself just enough for a push afterwards. First hand after making the cash got 99 went all in against MP raiser. He had QJ hit Q then made a flush on the river to put me out. Only had about 4BB so it was best hand I could hope for really.
Would love to go deep in a tourney but don't think I have the skill. Once the fullring vs 6-max challenge is over I might spend more time playing micro SNG and MTT to practice. Fun as it  satelliting into this tourneys, when the big one comes I feel out of my depth.