Day 8 end total $91.19

5 winning days in a row. Played quite a bit of the usual 6max 2NL. Got up about $5 early on. Then played later on 4 tables at once instead of my usual 3. made about 50c in 3-4 hours. Only involved in one all-in in that time, AQ vs short stack who had 88 and he won (all in preflop). Totally card dead really. If I got a raise I had nothing to continue with and if I had anything they folded. Quite pleased I didn't lose over that time. Usually I get frustrated when nothing seems to be happening for me make too many bad calls, bluff too much. But I just kept on hoping for a big win but it didn't happen.
Not many VPPs today with so few big pots. So I only entered 1 10FPP sat for the micromillions. Got nowhere. If I win some more on the cash games may try my luck on some of the cash sats nearer the time. Want to be over $100 before I do that though. Not confident with my tourney play.