I have watched many of xflixx's videos and along with LeLangoliers series Scare Tactics. I am trying to take winning at poker more seriously. To this end I have decided to use BRM techniques.

I am going to use xflixx's BRM of 40 buyins and taking shots at higher levels when have 4 buyins for that level.

So far not so good.

7th Feb deposited bringing total BR to $23.08 (not really enough but I was feeling confident!)

14th Feb Total $59.92 mostly playing 2NL 6 max

22nd Feb played some tourneys won $8 on 50cent turbo and $22 on the big $2.20. Total now $97.77
Got over $100 an was able to play some 5NL 

23rd Feb back on 2NL total $82.04

24th Feb went on TILT bad. played some 25NL down to $13.77 at lowest point.

29th Feb end of month total $35.68

5th Mar total $37.74

6th Mar (Today) had biggest winning day on 6max 2NL so far total now $62.80

Hopefully if I have another day like today I will be able to take part in fullring vs 6 max challenge in a couple of weeks. At least I have more than I started with after a month.