A few Years ago PokerStars started to have a lot of daily Play Money Tournaments for these Odd Ball Poker Games they are listed below


They do still run the Tournaments Daily But not nearly as many as they used to and now they start at a $50,000 Buy in... So my question is how many players are still interseted in playing these Odd Ball Games...Cheers


2-7 Single Draw 

2-7 Triple Draw 



8 Game 


Triple Stud 

Stud H/L 


5 Card Draw 

The Reason I am Asking is because I have tried lately to put together a Home Games Club for 2-7 Single Draw and was thinking of adding some of the above games. To try and Attract more Members to my Club. I would like some feedback from other players on the site if they still play these games or are they just playing mostly Hold'em now... Cheers