Hi there I have a question I was hoping Someone can answer for me
I have set up a Play Money Home Games Club for 2-7 Single Draw it has been hard to find this game to play so I decided to start a club Club id# 2119665 Invite Code is WW27SDNL
I am running 3 sets of Tournaments for 15 weeks each and I am not sure if it is possible to Award the top players in points after the 15 weeks some of my Play Money. I was thinking of Awarding 2 million of my play money to the top 5 Players if it is possible


The Breakdown would be
1st = 1,000.000
2nd = 500,000
3rd = 250,000
4th = 150,000
5th = 100,000

Is this something that I can do? and if so... How can I do this. Would I just transfer the play money to the player or is it more difficult then that?
Thank you for any help in this matter.... Cheers