I am really enjoying this league, I think it's great fun and I absolutely love the leaderboard! being able to see where you stand against other players is just one of the coolest things I've seen. I do not like the fact that the person who finishes in 11th ends up getting the same as the guy who finishes in 100th though. There could be hundreds of points seperating all those players so why should 100th get the same pay out as 11th? the person in 11th obviously is the far better player, at least for that particular month, so why shouldn't he be rewarded with a much larger payout than the players finishing behind him? I know PSO wants to spread the wealth, and thats wonderful, but if we are in a league we should seperate the pay out a little more so that the 11th place doesn't feel like you actually finished in 100th.
Again this is some of the most fun I've had playing poker, if you can avoid the donks and getting beaten by rags when you are holding a far better hand. I've made some great friends, and probably an enemy or 2, but thats part of the fun I think.