With the scoring system PSO has created it really does put everyone on a more even playing field. I do think there could be room for improvement though. It would be nice if when a good player plays good cards at the right time yet loses the hand to "rags" it would be nice if that was taken into acount and maybe the good player who loses the hand should not be penalized as badely. I'll give an example. Pre flop I get Kings and am on the button, 2 players limp in. I raise 4 big blinds, one player calls. We are now 2 handed and the flop comes king,3, 4. The first player goes all in, I of course call. My kings flip over and his cards are king 2 suited. He should of folded when I raised pre flop, but he didn't. the turn brings a 5 and on the river an ace, giving him a straight and beating my set of kings. I think he had less than a 1% chance of winning that hand after the flop, none the less he won and I was out very early in the tournament, and mad as could be about it. I suffered a huge hit to my points and have yet to recover from it. I have taken bad beat after bad beat over the last 4 or 5 days. Not saying the only way I lose is to a bad beat either, I had the nut flush draw only to lose to quads, was I mad, not at all at this one. The guy played them very well and I can't be made for playing my hand the way I did either, it was the right call, just got caught by a better hand. I just think it would be a little more fair if a good player takes a bad beat that he not be punished with as many negative points. I like the system, I think it's great, but maybe it has room to be improved as well