8th November

3 days in a and somewhat the wiser. I now know how to play badugi and 2-7low! I also know that unless there is real hard cash on the table you are in a pure lottery. Playing good poker against free rollers is like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

I am sure that patience will be the virute | need to discover somehow, just keep plugging away eh?

well today in the satellite 10th anniversary giveaway   -  20 minutes in with about 2000 still in.
I am big blind with ak off.
Two callers - one of which is a feisty Phillipino woman who seem to play most hands
I raise to 230
caller one calls
mad Phillipino goes all in, she has both of us covered
We both call and both show the same hand
She has 7 J off - yes thats right 7J that good old premium giant killer of a shove hand that all the books rave about!
wet flop and turn - j on the river
goodnight Vienna!