Right I am not a good poker player.....yet!Pub games and online for a few years have eeked out several hundreds of pounds worth of my child's inheritance (and the rest!)
Here's the plan;

1. Sign on to a new site.... Thanks Poker Stars!
2. Never, repaet NEVER deposit and cash .. Never
3.Play freerolls and poker school thing until I become famous

Day one:

Out with a bang. First Poker School roll up was dealt AKs second hand. Now I know all the guides say play tight early and the likes. Well I was big blind so had time to watch the play unfold.
Numb nuts in mid table had already sucked out a player 'all in' with 10Q off on the first hand (you can all see where this is going can't you!)
He shoves again
My head screams witht the Yoda like advice of the online guides 'commit not you must' 'twenty % of time lose you wil mmmm!'
But its AKs and he is a donk .... my mouse finger twitches Call.

He shows 69off
7j3 rainbow
8 turn
10 river

I came 9715th ish