I usually dont complain about a table of players as a whole but wow. In the WBCOOP main event it was pretty bad. I ended up getting a step 1 ticket when it was all said and done but i have to say it was the least fun ive had at a table in a long time. To give you an idea of how it was, I was at the same table for about 3 hours and only saw maybe 10 flops total. The rest of the time it was a blind stealing shovefest. I won maybe 5 pots the whole time but they were monster pots. Just about every hand i won or lost was from calling all ins. Luckily i was catching decent whole cards so i lasted long enough to get within the top 250. I was busted when someone shoved from early position with Q9o and i had AKo. Guess who took it down? clue: it rhymes with green twine.