Im finding out more and more every time i play that the BB is not to be underrated. Stealing the blinds is as much of an art as bluffing and not to be used recklessly. Especially if your in the Small Blind (because the 2 blinds hardly ever believe the other has a hand). I have a pretty aggressive style and ive been busted out of a few tourneys recently running into the Big Hand of the Big Blind.
It seems that I just immediately assume the BB has 94off or 36s and am more hasty in raising, re-raising, and calling. Most of the time they do have weak hands but sometimes they catch a biggun. I've noticed it the other way around too. Most everytime i catch a Big Hand in the Big Blind im almost always getting action. And if I shove from the BB after getting raised, forget it. Im getting called like 80% of the time. So along with the respect im developing for the BB, im also realising its the one position at the table that can make or break you. Consider this a cautionary tale after i've busted out a few times, Respect the Big Blind.

P.S. dont worry about the Small Blind, they never have it