ok cant play lag tried failed ,back 2 tag ,run into lag ,busted again ,2.75 doon no itm ,but dont expect aa to get beat wi 73 ,now its got me folding evrything 2 a lag ,refuse 2 play the limpers or zynga players as they are ,or won 50c in pso , also funny conversation wi guy on table about bettin amounts nearly wet myself ie i raise too 255 he called nailed the flop beat the guy n he turns round n says y i say 255 , i said wat ,he said thats u tellin me u got pocket fives , i nearly died , so apparantly u bet wat ur cards r , my sides r still killin me lol  ,never heard that before but he was eastern euorope so god knows wat there doin , oh my sides ,so folks errrrrrrrrrr got me rite confused , so gl all the best ,n still laughin :lol: