I have been playing poker for about a year and have built up a small bankroll ,I want to be able to use it wisely and not have to deposit again. It would also be nice to be able to take a small amount out per month or so to save. I would apreciate any adice in the coment section.

I play on 3 sites and have 3 different bankrolls, i will use bankroll management and keep track of games/hand played to review how im playing and what game type makes me the most profit.

The Bankroll management rules i will stick to are 50 buy ins for Sit n Go's and MTT's and 20 buy ins for cash games, I will take a shot at a higher stake when 15 buy ins for cash games or 35 buy in's for MTT's and Sit n Go's.

My Bankrolls on each site are:

888 Poker

On 888 i will play Sit n Go's and the ocasional MTT

Bankroll - $32.20

Stakes - 60c and $1 Sit n Go's and MTT's


On Pokerstars i will play MTT Sit n Go's and tourneys

Bankroll - $46.64

Stakes - 50c 90 and 45 man Sit n Go's and $1 MTT's


On paddy power i will play cash games to clear a $60 bonus and some MTT's if they look good value

Bankroll - $22.80

Stakes - Short stack 2NL Buy in with 1$ untill im up to $35


I will try and update this blog at least 3 times a week