This video is great because... Iam just  young in my Omaha career and have lost money on the exact hands that Joe talked about.I  follow Joe and Daniel N. It was watching Daniel that got me to a poker table,not for the cards he had,but the story he told each hand he was in. I believe everyhand at the tables is a new chance to portray something else.sometimes my cards just dont matter ,sometimes a situation screams for intervention,and thats where i fit.sometimes unorthadox,but i find if i reach outside the box,then more is possible.Daniel is a great example of that,I love his style,and i would love to have a mentor that thought like that, to mould my craft.I am finding out that poker has a great deal of selling involved which makes it such a great game.if i watch more and more videos like Joe H then i will find the right situations to think outside the box,and thus begins my road to poker glory,i have been sucessful at closing the door on the field,ihave won both on-line and live in my young career and i call it a career cauuse its something i could for a living,and without a doubt could be a player that just moulded to be the best all around player.i need to be fine tuned i have the horsepower .i guess all in good time. oh yeah Thanks to Pokerstars  regards WHITEWOLF711 JOEHACHEM PL OMAHA 6 SEATER VIDEO