Variance gets the best of me. I have had my reality check. Thanks for everyone busting me out this week so far :roll: .

Instead of Tilting, study. If you aren't looking at your hand history after you get beat early in a tourney, you may want to see what happened when you were in a hand. It has some nice treasures for your next play. See this below.

My bust out hand was this 1295 chips... My hole cards was . UTG limps for 100, CO raises to 200, I call for 200, UTG then 3 bets at 600, Cut off calls 600, I call at 600. Flop comes , I CHECK, UTG bets 200, CutOff raises to 600, I call the 600 (HERE IS THE LEAK I SHOULD FOLD< FOLD>FOLD especially after the flop). The turn flops a , I see 195 left, might as well go all in, UTG pushes, CutOff folds leaving heads up  and my Kings were no more, he had a . The last card was a , not help, BUSTED. Oh well better luck next time.

Do you see any holes there? I did ok PreFlop, failed miserably on the flop. the 600 bet was ok from the CutOff, I thought the Kings would hold but the call from UTG being out of position was too bold that I should have paid more attention.

Back to my final game of the day and week and lost a hand because I wasn't paying attention (yet again). It is only round 1 and only have 1290 chips. Comment if you have some assistance for me.

I am gearing up for the Hollywood Poker Open and need all the help I can get. I am a bit discouraged and wonder if I should do it or not. Tootles.