I ran much deeper last night on PSO 8PM. I really played with patience and also determined to not get in too many ruffles with cards that I know not to play with. I was a less a donk and played with more confidence. It was a fun time going deep last night.

I played my live tourney and it is night and day difference than online. This league I am in, when I raise three times the blind, they look at me funny. It was a major calling station all the way through. Again, with patience, it was a breeze to win that one.

How could I do better to prepare for the Hollywood Poker Open in April deepstacks. Anyone planning this play in Lawrenceburg, IN? I hope to cash, or final table or even be able to win it. You will know from this blog if I do.

Anywhoos. Not playing this week on the Blog tournament due to the last post. Gotta balance my family with poker. My wife is having surgery so I will be with her. Good luck everyone! See you on the virtual felt this week on PSO at 10am/1PM.