I have constently started the realm of poker since October. I have finally found my niche of my time in poker. I am a dad with three boys and a lovely wife. I love to spend time with them and want to really protect my time with my family over poker. I love poker too but I love my family much more.

I have a supportive wife that I have communicated my passion to poker and have come to a conclusion as to how to combine both my love for poker and my family time with a 100% supportive wife. I also heard a podcast of Galen Smith who won the PCA main event last week. A question was posed to him of how is he going to combine poker with his grad classes for his MBA at Stanford and it is actually the same as my time on poker and my family.

I am going to be pokering on Sunday's and play on my lunchtime. I will also be participating in the Hollywood Poker Open and also participate one more major tournement a year. I play one live poker event on a weekly basis and also a monthly tournament. I also play the PSO on occasion during the week and maybe once in a while on an evening.

What I have found that if I don't play a daily poker, I tend to play better when I do play. I am refreshed and willing to be patient and play each hand more wisely. I find that I am more consistant with my play when I do that.

I have been playing really well on my live poker (to prepare for my poker tourney in First of April, the Hollywood Poker Open Deepstacks event in Indiana). I also have been doing fairly consistant work on PSO but haven't played as much so my scores are down. Placed really well this evening, at 16th place? WIll bring my score up. The field tonight was at 1600 somewhere in there. I am pretty happy.

I will let you know how I fair in my live tournament tomorrow. Thanks for all that have been reading this blog. Be sure to comment about it or rate it as well.