I have been playing since October last year and looking at my overall progress and I am gaining confidence. I have a lot to learn. I hope to see myself cash a major tournament in the year of 2011. I don't know if I have anyone following my blogs but if you are, I appreciate any comments you have.

I am consistant on PSO. Now my consistancy is not the type of consistancy of winning. I am getting to the middle phase of the PSO tourneys and working on trying to get to the late stage of it. I have been successful only a couple of times back in November.

I wish I can figure out how I can get deeper. I don't know if I am not being as agressive or too agressive. I have changed it up a bit this month a bit but still haven't had the opportunity to get through to the second break as much.

I have gotten to the antes pretty well this month but usually tank when I get up there. I will see how I do for next month. I at least want to make at least 1500 points or below which is the goal.