The past two days playing the PSO, I have been running bone dry. No cards for me. My range just sucked out of me. It has been easy to suck me out on the tables the past two days. Now with that said,

I feel I am running OK. With dry hands yesterday, I placed pretty high and received 11 points for the effort but would like to get better running dry and making the points which I did yesterday. This is where I am least experienced. I have to open my range up a little more since I have been playing fairly tight. Today, was my worst play this month with finishing 776 place, urgh! A little tilted but alright.

 I was on the button with 1200, blinds 50 100 and raised to 300.  on a board that is . Geez, it happened all day long today. I got called and was check raised 500 and folded on the turn. Is this a good move on my part or should I flat or should I push or did I make the best move, fold?

I am going to for a turbo 20 FPP this afternoon and see how dry I am.