I have performed well At my first 10+1 SitNGo multi player 27 players. I thank my PSO folks for preparing me. I was 16000 chip count in third place and was BB raised to 1600 and next person 18000 pushed, I called and had pocket Qs. He had AdJs. The flop cane 8 j 6. I still had it. Then turn was a 4c. I was still good but the river was an A. Question, was it a good call for me to call all in on him in the BB or should I have folded? I am perplexed. It was a good run. It was one of the best runs of poker I have played. My strategy was tight but aggressive. I stayed middle of the pack pretty much the whole time and when it hit the BB at 175, I became aggressive pushing. Made tight under the gun and aggressive cut off through the BB which got me to third. Great run but would have liked first.