First things first, I am not trying to tell what is right or wrong. Just sharing my view of the nano 6-max zoom as I see it.

Here first my BB won graph:

And overview numbers:

Then Final hands at showdown:

Then we can go to my view of laying in blinds. I see many people pressing check/fold on BB probly when they see their holdings. In my opinion this is HUGE mistake, there is many opportunities to resteal and take advantage of some villains habits.

First hand I have probly most of you disagree with. I am on BB with Q3o and on SB we have very LAGGY villain who steal a lot and has habit of defending his steal, this is only based on 105 hands but I take LOT of notes.

So when I see him n SB I am pretty sure if unopened he will try to steal. My plan was to 3-bet his steal. If 3-bet doesn’t work we adjust and take it on flop since even if I 3-bet this sype villain will lead flop or just give up. OK this hand will rub many people wrong way I bet, I agree tho it only works on certain villains after they call 3-bet. Most villains also fold to 3-bet here. So my advice take notes and follow stats on steal.

Then second hand is kinda useless cause all people know this already!

This is one of those spot that we might think that it is just few cents. I agree but then again every cent counts, specially when most people like to use that check/fold button. This again is depending on villain. I will not steal this light from guys who like to call call and call. Those villains I take to  my little bus and drive to valuetown with better hands.

Then some overview how I approach each hand. When new table pops-up first I look my position then who is there, do I have reads, can I exploit their habits and then I look at my cards and form a plan. I try to have overview of plan to all actions and reactions so I have clear head when it is my turn. Then I excecute my plan as well as I possibly can.

Biggest advice maybe to newest players is to keep an eye on your surroundings, take notes and if you cant decide on plan to a hand, muck it.

That is it this time. As always all feedback is welcome and negative ones are most helpful ones. Remember also that I am rookie to 2 NLHE 6-max zoom so I do NOT offer facts just my views and what works for me.

Thank you for reading!