So basically one week has gone since start grind at Pokerstars. Sadly have not had much time so far (been helping friend on housebuild) but have been able to play some 2 NL 6-max Zoom.

Here grapf for first few hands. Will put some stats under to get feedback for tiny sample:


Stats: VPIP 23.54, PFR 16.92, 3-bet pre 3.68, WTSD 26.86, WSD 53.66, Att to Steal 30,70, AF 2.09

Ofcourse this sample size is shorter than Phil Hellmuth Tilt fuse, but I want to get feedback as soon as possible. 


Overall I am liking 2 NL 6-max Zoom, I like 2 NLO8 zoom more but sadly my tracker do NOT track O8. Thing that I have noticed on 2 NLHE zoom, most people have HUGE bet size tells (I am trying to have constant sizing), bluffing I noticed is not recommended too much (I only do it when someone show weakness very clearly). I give one hand for example. This villain I have seen many times and he is very agressive with good hands so I decided to try and bluff all 3 streets since he turned to VERY passive, even his cbet is tiny.

I am 87,54% sure that this was NOT good play tho. My thinking is afterwards that I got him of from Ax (maybe A2 or something similar). And please Do NOT be gentle with your feedback. negative feedback teaches more hehe.

One thing I will do alot is resteal from blinds vs button. Might also be nice to get feedback on this strategy. Here one sample:

Then I wanna talk little about 2 NLO8. I think in there I am bit fishy overall. Defending blinds too widely (been working so far). Too bad I do NOT have tracker so could see some stats but I put here one hand that might be defending blinds too widely (should maybe had A2s rather than A3):

Any comments welcome again.

Then one of my biggest bad habits in 2NLO8 is limping with some strong hands. Like this one example, here there was not many people in zoom and knew many of them to be super agressive so decide to limp double suited AA:

I am not fan of calling All-ins with naked Aces for sure, I usually need some good friends for AA, prefer suited 2 atleast but this also was too strong to fold. I know I need get rid of my limping, it has worked so far but I think I have missed lot of value by doing that.


Thank you all for reading and for comments that you might give!!