Hi to all here in PSO!!

First of all about my name, it is NOT at all racist. It is in honour of Finnish war hero, sniper Simo Häyhä!!

I am micro stakes player and my favourite game in Omaha hi/lo. I am already familiar with PSO since I have railed my wife in many many trainings. Some of you might know her, her PS name is Roslyn_akka.

Reason I started grinding is because I moved back home from Philippines (In there Roslyn didnt let me touch computer too much since she was busy playing). For those who know Roslyn, she is still in Philippines but we are fixing her papers for her to come here too. She is still playing some, we just had our second baby 3 weeks ago so she is not active in social medias.

Then about my poker goals. I start with BR 40$ and my goal is to grind it up on micro MTTs, Freerolls and some Nano cash games. My plan is also take part in PSO trainings as much as possible. Like I said I have raied Roslyn on trainings and liked those alot so I be seeing many of you there. I will also play any homegame series PSO has to offer.

I will post hands for analyzing to get proper advice, so you can wait lots of badly played hands from me. Hopefully I can learn from those and you guys will get good laugh ehehehehe. I am also in twitter @White_Death505 and I am interested in Skype groups for training purposes.

So lets do some grinding together and maybe I will learn some good poker skills same time!!