I don't care what anyone says, it's NOT random!  I know some people who have done ''tests'' to test theories. And they were pretty close to 100% acurate.  There is a pattern in the system.  I hope some big time bank roller figures it out and takes PS to court.   Sure bad beats will happen.. but not like they do on here lol.     Everytime I get a decent run in the PSO,  Poker Stars says NOPE not going to happen!  They figure out statistics of everyone else and who has made them more money and they figure all that in to determine who wins which hands, or whatever hands will help their ''rake'' in cash tables.

I'm sick of bouncing back in forth in the PSO,  I know how to play poker, sure I'm not the best and by far no pro, but I can make final tables.    I hate when poker starts LETS me get good points, and then they don't let me.. its back and forth,   1 good thing on this site is always followed by a bad thing to even it out..    I just went into my poker tracker and I drew dead for 40 hands in a row b4 I got eliminated in the 1pm Eastern PSO.    Me and another player at the table were laughing at it how funny it was, cause I was just calling out my hands(after the hand was over of course)  and it was just a freak'n joke.

If this keeps up the rest of the month I'm just quitting online poker entirely,  it's nothing but a rigged casino!

I feel better now for getting that out ,  good luck all!  May the Fours be with you!