Wow.  So I made the final table earlier in the 10 AM (eastern time) PSO.   I've only done about 10 PSO games and managed to hit my first final table.  Came in 5th tho.  Would of been nice for top 3. But I made 2 bad plays on the table that costed me some chips..   I chiped back up from my mistakes back to 100k (which wasn't too far from 4th)   Then everyone folded around to me. I think I was on the button, or small blind, and picked up A Q  so I had to shove all in for a blind steal, only to get called by pocket 5s.   Unfortunately the bigger stack got away with it as usual and my Ace nor Queen hit so I had to walk away in 5th.   Was a great game, wasn't even really mad or disappointed.  Good experience.