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this is my very first PSO-Blog post, enjoy!

Tournament: Pokerstars NLHE SNG Turbo ($8 buy in, 20 tables, 180 players, 9-handed, 18 prizes)

 Precedent Situation: I was moved to that table several orbits ago, already shortstacked  with ~M=4.4 and managed to play two hands only so far:
  • First one I've pushed from UTG with 3-3, got called by the SB (~M=7) with K-6o (somewhat loose call in my opinion, but he might have thought my pushing range was pretty much 'any two' at that point, as I was UTG and the coming blinds would have hurt me substantially). I flopped a set and doubled up. 
  • Later on, the CO (~M=3) pushed, everyone else folded and I called in the BB for all my chips. I had A-Js, he showed Q-7o (as well somewhat loose raise in my eyes, as there were no antes yet at that point and he still had at least 4 more hands time to catch something less awfull than Q-7o to push it before hit by the blinds...). Anyway, board showed 5 blanks and I doubled up again.
The Crucial Situation: We are down to 20 players out of 180 now and there are 18 prizes, I'm Nr.17 by the chipcount at that point and we are playing 7-handed.

The table is dominated by TAGs, with only one LAG to my left, most of them as shortstacked as myself, except for the table-chipleader with ~M=8. The blinds were 500/1000, ante 75 and my M was about 3.5 as this hand came along:

My Crucial Hand   vs 

Me, again UTG, pretty much in a desperate / kamikaze modus (god bless Dan Harrington) look down at , which means for me in that situation almost 100% of the time clear push, but there are only two more guys left (with few chips less than myself) to bust out before the money, so I was a little bit concerned, if it was better to try to 'sit out' the other two opponents to reach the money...

Anyway after long deliberation I did push, reasoning that
  • most of my opponents, as shortstacked as myself, would all fold so close to the money (except I run into a monster)
  • the chipleader might be reluctant to loose a substantial part of his chipstack just before the money
  • even if called, my 8-8 had fair enough chances to hold up most of the time
Well, so I pushed and everybody folded as supposed, but the SB with ~M=3 did muster the call and showed . Board brought 4 blanks and one  and I was out in 20th place, two places before the money...  

How would you rate my decisions and my opponents reactions in these situations:  

1. Situation: my push from UTG with 3-3, called by SB with K-6o (me M=4, caller M=7, no antes yet)
  • - was my push too loose, was the call too loose, given the situation as described above?
2. Situation: CO-push with Q-7o, my call in the BB with A-Js (CO M=3, me M=5, no antes yet)
  • - was his push too loose? (I think in that case my A-Js was definitely good enough to call or push myself...)
3. Situation: my push from UTG with 8-8, SB call with A-9o (me M=3.5, caller M=3, second ante-level on)
  • - was my push a wrong decision regarding the bubble and only two more player to get knocked out before the money?
  • - was his call with A-9o a good one?
Notice: (twodimes.net hands-matchup makes me 57:43 favorite preflop (8d-8c vs As-9h))

Thx for reading, looking forward to your comments :wink:

greetings from Vienna, 
yours big fish whispersync