Recently i ve been playing at the low stakes level because  i had a big boost in the bank thanks to a second in an mtt. I ve played enough games to think i can make a comment or 2.

   First off i find that there is almost no "nh s gl  ul  ty " and no  donkey , fish , idiot,terrible player. what gives? This is common in micros.Maybe it s one of the lessons we should all learn.

  Secondly it seems at low stakes table image is almost as important as the cards you hold. I ve  been able to push through from any position with junk because of a tight image. i ve also seen peeps that are loose getting called down with almost ATC. we all know in micros you can and probably will be called with just about anything  anytime on any bet or position.

  since i brought up position i ll try to go there .In low,  if you re oop you better be prepared to battle or fold

weak players or hands will call . 3 bet is normal and shoves are common. some are real, some are bluffs  you need to know your reads. both player and  situations.

   Time to go back and see if i can learn somemore.

   gl y all