I think the biggest part of my own short fall in poker in recent days is relying heavily on the tips and tutorials i've seen here.

If I were to give a tip of my own to any aspiring player it would be, play your game the way you're comfortable with doing so, as long as you have success with hands then stick to it. Read and learn, adapt and play but don't scrap a winning mentallity and struggle to enjoy it.

Sure tighten up your game play, but just because a tutorial says "Raise with AQ or Fold A9" don't always take that as gospel. Read the table and adapt your game accordingly.

That was my mistake, I believe. I've tightened up so much that I don't give other players enough to consider with me. They tag me as a tight player off the bat and never see me being "reckless" with weaker hands.

I need to relax and find my old game again! Oh and stay away from rebuy tourneys LOL!

See you around!