Good evening.

Yesterday I had a very paradoxical game. I settled down in my armchair, calmed down, took a phone and I felt I was ready to play for good. I had 403 000 play chips and went on a table with 20 000 big blind. First hand was successful, I won 120 000 chips. But then... Well, the hell got loose. Chips started vanishing at an incredible rate and no matter, what hand I had: was it AK, JK suited (means same icons, right?), JA suited, 1010, or even AA, I lost all hands to two pairs, high card, 3 of a kind, straight or flush, which happened to show out of nowhere. I ended up, having 0 play chips in my pocket and feeling chaos inside myself.

I got up. Made some tea. Slept for an hour. I settled down in my armchair, took a phone and I felt I was ready to do my best.

I happened to get 1 350 play chips in total, as gifts (should I meantion I played Live Holdem Pro on my phone, even though I believe software had nothing to do with the game). Then I got serious. Went on table with 40 bb. Doubled my total chips. Went on 40 bb table again - doubled again. Then I went on a 400 bb table, and after some time I tripled my total chips. And so, one table after another, going with bigger and bigger big blinds, I felt I was on the right track. I felt and saw that I was doing something right, because after less then an hour, I already had 830 125 chips in total.

Now I keep thinking about my game yesterday, trying to figure out the right play I was doing. So far, I learned that I ussually played with strong and monster hands, just as it is adviced in this school. But I happened to win lower suited hands as well. Also, there were few times when I simply stood for my hand as I had to call all in, having, lets say AAA72, and a doubt of another player might having a full house. There were few times when I noticed a bluff of another player and won big. All that seems like lucky matches, but I did play good, almost automatically.

Oh, and one more good thing happened yesterday - I got/won my first straight flush. At the time I felt like a pro

That would be all for now - I'll go make some tea, settle down in my armchair and will do my best