Hello there.
Short introduction first, I guess. Name's Vidmantas, from Lithuania. I am pretty much new to poker, but I learn as fast as I can. This PokerSchool tought me much already and I am not going to stop. So, to talk about my experiences today...
At the start of the day I had 27000 play chips. So, I went to table, where 40 is big blind, to get started. After few hands I learned one thing: I still don't match my position with my cards and bets for best play. Here is an example:
5 players at table. I am a dealer and I get (icon doesn't matter here) K9. UTG+1 raises to 4bb. Next to him calls. I fold SM and BB calls. The flop is JKJ, then it's 7 and 9. UTG+1 wins with 10 high card
So, this was a time where I could have at least called at first I guess. Have You had similar happenings?

Now pretty much different and funny curiosity:
I get 57 unconnected/unsuited (different icons), I fold. Others just call to bb. The flop: 757. I was like "I am an idiot", with the idea of putting all in if I were still playing. The turn - 8, river - Q. Showdown: the pot is 75000, some have pairs and one guy shows a full house of 888 77. THAT was a funny relief for me, as I accually saved my money. And then I thought - it is still better to play strong hands.

This was funny AND lucky:
I get A10, and raise to 3bb. Others call, the flop is AQJ. For some reason I thought: "There, I just need 9 and I have straight" (stupid, right?). And I put 4bb more. The turn - 9. I say "YES, A STRAIGHT!" and put all in. 3 players call. The pot is 125000. The river - 10. "Still, I have straight and I don't care" I think. And then I realise: I only have two pairs of A and 10. I was ready to dig myself a grave, since others raised again and again. Showdown - BUM! I win the main pot with my "straight" (which happened to be two pairs) My pants were full of happiness.

And last but not least - how I missed a straight flush:
I get 8(cross)2(heart). I fold. The flop is: 10,9(crosses),8(diamond). The turn - 7(cross); river - 6 (cross). That was my first straight flush and I happened to miss it But hey! It was just a luck. 3 guys shared a pot as there was was straight on the table.

Now it is the end of a day and I have 389 000 play chips. Happy me Still, there is much to learn and still many funny hands to play. So, until next time!

P.S. I just learned how to fill my blog! At least I think I did...