I've bust out not once but twice!I had managed to get my bankroll up to a decent level, then over the course of a  couple of days I completely bust, and whilst i don't think ive played terribly for the most part, I've been having some bad luck again. For example, no more than half an hour ago, i was playing low stakes (as I had around $1 left), and came upon jacks in the cutoff, so I raised, was called by the button, then the big blind raised all in. I called (which im pretty sure is the right play), and the button folded. As we showed, he revealed tens so i was in good shape. However, again (if anyone reads this, youll remember i lost KK vs 88 on the river earlier), a miracle 10 came on the river.

Another bit of bad luck - I had 98 of spades (i forget what position), so i raised to 2.5x BB, and was called by someone in better position. No worries, you need to have a look with that sort of hand anyway. The flop comes down with 3 low spades so I bet (didnt want to slowplay with my luck - wanted to take down the hand there and then), and was raised. I had an interesting decision here - could he be trying to bluff me? Could he have 2 higher spades? Seemed unlikely so I re-raised all in and he called (he covered me). He revealed AcQs, showing the semi bluff. Unfortunately for me there was another spade on the turn, and that was the end of that. Another bad beat.

I dont think i played any of the hands particularly badly, but I lost all 3. Do i need to be thinking about trying to retain pot control? Things arent going nicely at the moment. I suppose its all a learning experience, but im starting to get put off by this run of bad luck.